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A Glimpse of Post Card From E-mail World

A Glimpse of Post Card From E-mail World

by Hallmark, 21/10/2014

Today in the world of science and technology the new era facilities of e-mail, telephonic conversation have replaced the age old postcards, inland-letters and telegrams.

The children of Hallmark had a privilege of touching the old Era by visiting and posting a greeting through Post office. They relived the experience of their parents and grandparents. The tiny tots of Playway, Nursery and LKG went for the visit to different Post offices in Panchkula. They explored the various working department of Post office which earned them a wonderful experience. They were amazed to see the stamps, postcards, letterbox and Postman. Postman also told his working pattern. The most exciting thing was that all students posted the Diwali greeting postcard to their Mumma and Papa. This will surely be a memorable and learning day for tiny tots and their parents who received the kids feeling wrapped up in the form of postcards.