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Auditions of Big FM Radio Film

Auditions of Big FM Radio Film

by Hallmark, 14/09/2015

Hallmarkites Toddlers Rock on Big Fm Radio Film which will be played on Friday Evening and repeat on Sunday Morning. Students voice recording was done at Big FM office itself. Dialogues were given to the kids and our kids were very confident and could deliver the dialogues with proper intonation of the voice and with full confidence. Indeed this was a good exposure and a huge platform to the kids and will surely inculcate better qualities in them for future.

Participation List:-
1. Shri Vridhie Garg
2. Nikunj Goyal
3. Prisha Mittal
4. Abeer Arora
5. Piyush Narang
6. Ronak Tanwar
7. Garima Sharma
8. Anhad Singh Katoch
9. Tishya
10. Shambhavi
11. Monisha Gupta
12. Devansh Thakur
13. Yogansh Dua
14. Anusha Prasad
15. Hrishiman Arya
16. Prithvi Sagaram
17. Kritika
18. Yash Pandey
19. Shreya Goyal
20. Shubham Goyal

And the selected Finalist are:-
1. Abeer Arora
2. Shambhavi
3. Yogansh Dua
4. Shubham Goyal