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Bolstering the Ideas of Innovations

Bolstering the Ideas of Innovations

by Hallmark, 19/06/2017

The objective of the championship clearly states the aim to strengthen the innovative ideas of the students across different nations. The League has shown meticulousness in the field of environmental protection. Students are highly engaged in showcasing their talents and a minimum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds are provided to each team in order to display their month-long efforts. Team NALAYAKS are keenly involved in the preparations and enhancement of their project which they believe will surely lead them to the success road.

Team Vision

All of the three participants are interestingly passionate in practicing experiments with their project and they have a strong vision towards safeguarding the various arising problems in nature. They have great potential and techniques to combat the uprising problems through their robots and their mechanisms. They have been constantly working on finding economical and innovative ideas in order to provide the world with the best solutions. Their efforts are inspiring and motivating in the vast sense. They say team building and cooperation is extremely important to tackle the instant situations that arise any moment. They have a great equation amongst each other and acceptance amongst the initiated ideas proposed by the team members. They look forward to winning the Championship with maximum points and minimum time consumed.

The Mentors and teachers

Every team has a “GURUDEV” or “MENTOR” to lead them towards the road of success. The team NALAYAKS also have their teachers whom they consider their masters of luck. Guided and trained by the best professionals of Hallmark Public School, they are blessed to get bestowed by their three amazing coaches who have helped them in the so far journey. They play a crucial part in the uplifting of the team and their present success.

Impossible is nothing but a doubt that leads to failures, says the NALAYAKS