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Genius JIYA- The Google Girl in Hallmark Public School

A genius is not born but made and Panchkula-based Jiya Phutela is certainly a perfect example of this dictum. At 9, Jiya is capable of leaving viewers astonished with the power of her senses and mind. A periodic table, which is the extremely difficult for elders to memorize, is on her fingertips. When given an atomic number, she can within a second tell the element. Blindfolded, she can behave like a mirror to anyone and also follow people by their smell. Also on being told a date and year, she can tell what day it was.

Studying in Class 5th at Hallmark Public School Panchkula, Jiya has the ability to remember and make others remember the name of all presidents and prime ministers serial wise by making a story on them. She has been trained for a few months using neuro linguistic techniques. Today, Jiya teaches periodic tables to senior students of her school. She has also trained students of various colleges, including IIT Roorkee.