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Learning and Principles

Learning and Principles

by Hallmark, 20/06/2017


The competition is based on the three principle theory which is essential for the team to win the ultimate challenge in the field. Those beliefs are building core values between the team members and the teams respectively, project design which includes innovation, ideas, efforts, techniques and model construction and last but not the least is Robot designing which again talks about the importance of artificial intelligence and its value in the present world. These three are the key features which aim to select the best team in the competition. If the team has these three qualities; undoubtedly the winning is inevitable.

What is with the bees?

The team NALAYAK is not limiting its imagination of intelligence to the project theme only. They have been working on another rising problem which is mounting extinction of bees in the world. The team explained the various means through which the problem can be curbed in its natural haitat without causing any further damage to the environment. They highlighted an economical solution to the problem and emphasied on ‘BEES – VITAL IMPORTANCE IN THE NATURE.’ Their ultimate aim is to save and protect the bees from getting extinct forever and are working extensively on the same.

Driven by the Prime Force; SCHOOL

The Hallmark Public School has laid its major attention on the team and invested all resources in order to fulfill the requirements of the project. The team has been completely funded by the school and thus team gives its utmost credit to the school for their abundant success. “The School has been an energetic force all through our journey and faculty has supported us at every point”, says Jatin the Captain of the Team NALAYAKS.

Hallmark Public School believes in “The best way to predict the future is to invent now.”