Regional FLL Robotic World Challenge 2016 - Best school in Panchkula

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Regional FLL Robotic World Challenge 2016

Regional FLL Robotic World Challenge 2016

by Hallmark, 02/02/2016

Hallmarkites played positively, confidently, taking reasoned chances, believing in success and sights aimed at victory. It was not only the will to win but the will to prepare to win that brought Hallmark Public School the taste of victory.

award-imgFLL India Trash Trek Regional Championship 2015-16 organised by Indian Stem Foundation was held at Learning Paths, Mohali on January 31, 2016 where Hallmark’s Junior FLL Teams; Ignited Minds-7, Ignited Minds-14 and Senior FLL Teams; Ignited Minds-21 & The Nalayaks showcased teamwork, collaboration, preparedness and achieved laurels. A jubilant atmosphere was in the air when both the Senior FLL Teams Representations from Hallmark Public School won at Regional Championship & qualified for FLL India Trash Trek National Championship 2015-16.

The Nalayaks gave a clean sweep in Regional FLL Robotic Challenge 2016 by emerging as the Best Robotic Game Team and grabbed the Robotic Champion Award.
First Lego League (FLL) is an exciting and innovative STEM CHALLENGE for teams of young people, a competition catering to upper primary and lower secondary school (Junior FLL & Senior FLL). A robotics program introduces youngsters to science and technology in a sporty atmosphere. Senior FLL provides challenges and inspires children to solve real world problems using Robotics Challenge. The theme of robotic challenge 2015-16 is TRASH TREK. The robotic challenge includes Project and Robot game guided by FLL core values.

The Nalayaks, an FLL team of Hallmark Public School, Panchkula proposed a solution for Sanitary Napkins-A Havoc for the environment as:
Design for Change-TPZ – A futuristic and innovative solution to handle the looming trash of soiled sanitary napkins. ‘Talk the Taboo’, ‘Plop Pads in Pink’ and ultimately ‘Zero in Zippo’ and could mark their win by acquiring 516 points during Mat-game of Robotic Challenge.

Qualifier for Nationals FLL Robotic Challenge 2016 came up with innovative idea of:
Bubble Wrap Thermals- The team members provided the slum children with sleeping bags coats, mitten etc made from bubble wrap which acts like an insulator and keeps them warm.

Junior FLL Challenge provided the platform for the young students to learn the quest of problems and solutions in an innovative and scientific manner. The theme –Trash Trek of FLL Robotic Championship 2015 involved Project and Working Lego Models.

Working with LEGO churned up their minds. It built the foundation of technical know how and its blend with finding of the workable solutions on current social challenges like Trash Trek.

Project done in the form of Show Me Poster by the junior FLL teams depicted that the wings of the imagination has no limit and creativity knows no boundaries when it flies in the sky of imagination Hallmark Public School gave the representation by two teams: IGNITED MINDS 7 & IGNITED MINDS-14.


The Team ‘Ignited Minds-07’ (Ridhima Mittal, Priyanshu Gupta, Hrishiman Arya & Prithvi Sagram) identified one such critical problem of disposing the no-1 growing trash of the world- Cigarette Butt. The team with the guidance of their mentors Ms. Teena Monga and Ms. Shivam Sharma has extensively researched and reached to a workable solution. The Cigarette Butts were recycled into various daily usage products like park benches, soap cases, plastic shipping pallets etc. They presented a workable model with LEGO Parts for disposing of the butts in a resourceful way.

The team of Junior FLL Robotic Challenge of Hallmark ‘Ignited Minds-14’ under the guidance of Ms. Poonam Sharma and Ms. Jaswinder Kaur flew high with their creations. The students churned up their little minds and found an innovative solution of creating cute dustbins, bird-feeders, flower pots and comfortable furniture. They created GARDEN OF JOY through using dumped tyres. Not only the actual tyres, their minds concentrated on tyres in Lego also and made a movable bin – Mechanical Messenger of cleanliness conveying the message of ‘Waste Wise’ in tandem with the theme Trash Trek of Regional FLL Robotic Challenge 2016.

Happy Home for Strays was another great step taken by the little feet of Hallmark team who repurposed the tyres to create happy homes for stray animals sowing the seed of the greatest value of sharing in their tender hearts and minds.

Lego proved to be one of the versatile platform on which Hallmarkites adopted to the surrounding and identified a problem. Their inquisitive mind did the research and explored the problem to connect it with daily life and then with the available tools in a practical scenario to find a befitting solution.