Spiritual Bravura: An Obeisance to Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Gurpurab was celebrated at Hallmark Public School, Panchkula in a very distinct way. While Cardboard Is a mundane material, which is often cast off, thrown away or at best sometimes recycled – artists of Classes VIII & IX of Hallmark School, under the guidance of Visual Arts Faculty members – Ms. Sheetal Gulati & Ms Taranpreet Kaur, transformed it into a 8 by 8 feet sculpture of Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

It was a moment of pride for the school as the young artistes posed with Guru Ji’s sculpture.

Students of hallmark who are trained at recitation of Mool Mantra gave a rendition of the same. The mass recitation of the Mool Mantra echoed in the school’s premises the universal teachings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.