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The Journey from STEM to STEAM

The Journey from STEM to STEAM

by Hallmark, 14/06/2017

The First LEGO League Open Championship to be held in Bath, United Kingdom. It is all about ideas and innovations. It has a great significance of “STEM” education which is an acronym for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is not just a game but inculcates major core values and team building into players or future redeemers. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives also Science has always played a major role in developing Technology. Through this competition, the objective is to inspire the Science and Technology leaders of tomorrow.


The journey from STEM to STEAM was proposed by the wife of Erstwhile President of The United States, Ms. Michelle Obama and the addition of “A” which stands for Arts is to encourage arts, design in K-20 education, influence the employers to hire artist and designer to drive the voyage further filled with innovations and transform research policy to place art.


The Robot game is about “ANIMAL ALLIES” that simply means developing a human-animal relationship by looking into the eyes of our animal allies. The team has to choose and solve a real-world problem in the project.

Each team has a limited time of two minutes and thirty seconds and it has to complete all the tasks provided within this time period only. The team should show spontaneousness and have multi-tasking skills. They’d be bestowed with three chances to run their robot and will be offered scores according to the team’s performance. Out of the three attempts, the maximum points earned will depict the final scoring. The team TheNalayaks have been aggressively engaged in several attempts to successfully accomplish its target and undoubtedly the practice proves the same. By dividing their task in seven different rounds they believe it can save time and show preciseness, reduce the complexity of the game, and a put a clearer vision of their thoughts in front of the jury. It will also help them to make the maximum utilization of the resources. It also kept in mind that during the performance of the robot, no team is allowed to touch it.

The team has a pragmatic knowledge of STEAM and is enhancing their knowledge of wider interpretation of Research and Analysis. The game is more like a tech sport for children who are tech savvy.