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Aero Modelling Show to Develop Innovative Thinking and Implementation

Aero Modelling Show to Develop Innovative Thinking and Implementation

by Hallmark Public School, 11/01/2018

Aeromodelling is the creativity of designing, building and flying miniaturized aircrafts which can either be powered or non-powered. It requires building a model of a plane from materials like paper, aircraft glade plywood, depron foam, coroplast sheets, carbon and glass fibre etc. It can be considered as a hobby or a sport wherein the former involves building and assembling the model aircraft, and the latter involves flying the model craft.

At Hallmark Public School we always encourage our students to do something extraordinary which would help evolve their personality and widen their perspective on life. We invariably conduct activities for students, which uplifts the degree of education being imparted to our students. Listed among the best CBSE School in Chandigarh always motivates us to do something creative which would raise the quality of learning imparted to our students.

We provided our students with a great opportunity of aeromodelling that will encourage the young aspirants to solve real-time problems involving in making flying or non-flying small sized gliders. It was a delight to see Hallmarkites making the most out of the opportunity and thereby conducting a spectacular show of aerobatic skills to manoeuvre the flying models of aircrafts – Canray, Handcrafted Balsa Wood Dropping Model (Sheru), Control line Aerobatic Model, RC Model and Chuck gliders designed by them which enthralled the awestruck spectators during the First Aero Modelling Show of Tricity in Tau Devi Lal Stadium. The sky was filled with different aircraft models performing different aerobatic movements, rolling, spinning, looping, dropping pellets and sweets, etc.

The efforts put in the aeromodelling show makes us extremely proud. It was under the guidance of Mr. Daaman, Aero Modelling Instructor at No. 1 Chandigarh Air Squadron NCC Chandigarh that the students were able to put up such a successful show.

The highlight of the show was the model of chuck gliders made with balsa wood and styrofoam thermocol. The real scaled down models of real aircraft working on the principles of flight with the basic concept of physics were a sight to watch.

We see ourself high on the list of CBSE Schools in Chandigarh. We encourage our students in always following their passion and through this show we want that our students to pursue Aero modelling Engineering or make a career in Defense Forces. Through the wonderful field of aviation, we aim to engage the children fruitfully so that they can go on much further to find their dream careers by turning their passions into professions.

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