Best Practices in Education - How Hallmark Promotes Peer Learning

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Best Practices in Education – How Hallmark Promotes Peer Learning

Best Practices in Education – How Hallmark Promotes Peer Learning

by Hallmark, 25/04/2018

Student life is a phase when an individual has the maximum tendency to learn new things. Kids often seek to learn and pick-up things from all around them – from their environment, from the happenings around them and also from all the people who surround them. While children learn immensely from their parents and teachers, things become a lot more interesting when they get involved with their peers.

Hallmark Public School – one of the Top 10 Schools in Chandigarh, understands the importance of peer-to-peer learning for students, and for that, we have developed a learning culture where peer learning is a key part of the student’s day to day life.

At Hallmark, we conduct regular activity-based sessions where students get to work in groups and perform their tasks. Students are encouraged to interact with each other even during the regular teaching sessions, for the free exchange of ideas. In fact, our teachers have been specifically instructed to lend more focus on interactive teaching, where students get to learn from each other as well.

Promoting peer-based learning not only exposes the students to the ideas of their fellows but also instills in them ethics of tolerance and respect towards others. Students tend to learn team skills through peer groups. In between the entire process, the students cement their academic concepts so well, and become academically so strong – something that could not have been achieved by the regular classroom teaching where the teacher lectures and the students listen!

The mandate behind promoting peer learning is simple – students can rapidly relate to their identical peer group. Peers are of the same age group, have a similar thought process, and do things in identical ways. These similarities instantly strike the chord with each other, and the result is mutual learning.

Hallmark has always worked to ensure that our students keep learning in all ways possible, keep growing and keep moving forward and hence has been listed among the best Schools in Panchkula.

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