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Birthday Bash and Deepawali Celebrations

Birthday Bash and Deepawali Celebrations

by Hallmark, 07/11/2015

The candles of ‘Birthday Bash’ and the lamps of ‘Deepawali’ merged together on November 07, 2015 in the school premises. This celebration in Hallmark Public School served as a tool to bring the students to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm.

School being the institution of inter-culture dialogue and learnings, the Traditional Attires and the Homemade Traditional Eatables very well depicted the fact of inter – culture interactions. Students were tied Mauli & Tikka was applied on the forehead with the Mantra enchantments to mark the beginning of the celebration in the Morning Assembly. Classroom -decoration, Tattoo-making, and Rangoli- designing were a part of the celebration. The secret of festive celebration is to see everything with involvement, so the students learnt most profound aspect of life in a celebratory way.

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