A Child’s Progress is Enhanced When his Horizon is broadened- Anecdote Of a Parent - Best school in Panchkula
A Child’s Progress is Enhanced When his Horizon is broadened- Anecdote Of a Parent

A Child’s Progress is Enhanced When his Horizon is broadened- Anecdote Of a Parent

by Hallmark, 30/01/2018

Choosing a right school is one of the key times when parents see to what is important to them in terms of their child’s education. Parents have certain factors when choosing a school. Those factors are considered as inevitable and cannot be ignored.  From a solid academic program to after-school care to a focus on the arts; all the factors are taken into important consideration  while making the decision.

Being a responsible parent, I want to admit my child to a school which not only focuses on the academic enrichment, but also allows my child to grow everyday.  For me, I just don’t want a school  just focusing on the scholastic activities, but rather a school should be able to offer my child with a plethora of opportunities in  academics as well as co-curricular. When I googled best schools in Panchkula, I came across Hallmark Public School. I decided to mark  my visit to their school to take things forward. As soon as I entered the building, I was captivated to see the infrastructure of the school, upon entering I waited at the reception ,wherein I was elated to see the video which was being played at the waiting lounge. The school is leaving no stone unturned to make their students prosper. The kind of activities executed by the students is spellbinding. Looking at  certain glimpses from their innovations and their achievements across the globe is really a delight to see. I always wanted a school which would not just educate my child, but develop his overall personality and provide him with opportunities that would let him outshine in the years to come and I was extremely happy when I saw all that not only on their social media and website but also seeing the same in school.

It is truly a matter of fact that the school is rightly placed among top 10 schools in Panchkula for the kind of their teaching pedagogy, supplying their students with a plethora of scholastic and co-scholastic activities, giving them an immense number of opportunities and grooming their students to a level wherein their academic score will reflect in their personality and not only in their marksheet.I ,as a parent look forward  to put my child in  Hallmark  for they really put in a lot of efforts in evolving my child.

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