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A Clean Environment Devises a Sustainable Nation

A Clean Environment Devises a Sustainable Nation

by Hallmark, 06/11/2017

We all are very well versed with the waste management activity. They are the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. It is very much important that such sustainable activities should be practiced by one and all to make the nation a better place to live in. It should also be noticed that it is not the responsibility of just one individual but indeed it is a collective activity which needs to be adopted by each and every being.

Waste Management Activity

At Hallmark Public School; such activities are given prior importance wherein students are made aware of the environmental causes through various activities conducted in school. Waste Management Activity was conducted at the top CBSE School in Tricity. The main goal of the activity was to educate children in making the world a sustainable society and for the same thing to happen each student should feel from within the heart and then take upon this challenge said the faculty Ms. Namrata Bharadwaj who was the in charge of this activity. The school further believes that such activities also teach life skills to a student which acts as a principal key in facilitating a child’s growth and development.

A Collaborative Participation

The students were enthralled in becoming part of the activity and each one of them came up with their own ideas in relates to keeping the environment more clean and healthy. The activity was a blend of a talkative session wherein each student spoke about the initiatives they are going to take in their homes, classroom as well as personal surroundings to make a dirt free environment. The students laid emphasis on the use of 5R’S i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Repurpose and Recycle and this was presented by them in the most creative manner through drawings and role playing.

The best School in Panchkula always comes up with such activities wherein they lay importance in the Practical application along with the theoretical knowledge so as to make the interest of the student intact over a particular subject.

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