Come to Learn, Go to Serve - Hallmark’s Philosophy!
Come to Learn, Go to Serve – Hallmark’s Philosophy!

Come to Learn, Go to Serve – Hallmark’s Philosophy!

by Hallmark, 26/04/2018

Hallmark Public School is one of the best schools in Panchkula in terms of quality of teaching. While we have devised a very forward-looking curriculum for our students and follow some of the most advanced methodologies to teach it to them, our aim is not just to raise well-learned minds. At Hallmark, we believe in the concept of giving back to the society, and try to instill the same I our students as well.

Hallmark Public School follows the philosophy of “Come to Learn, Go to Serve”. Our aim is to raise socially conscious citizens who go on to become responsible human beings. We want to foster a sense of social responsibility, love, compassion, and kindness in our students. Our belief is that education without a purpose is a waste, and we work towards making education purposeful for the society.

Hallmark works in more than one ways to turn this belief of serving the society into reality. We regularly organize social immersion programs on our campus where the students are exposed to the various social issues that the country and the world is facing. Regular field trips and excursions are also organized for students at all levels of study so that they become aware of the realities on the ground.

National and International days of societal importance, like World Peace Day, World Environment Day, Communal Harmony Week, and International Women’s Day are organized annually in the form of a variety of activities – dance, play, music, and art. The sole purpose of these activities is to sensitize the students towards the issues of importance for the society.

At Hallmark Public School, which has been ranked in the list of best schools in tricity, we are glad that we have achieved considerable success in raising well-rounded, socially aware and socially aware students, for the betterment of our society, our country, and the world.

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