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by Hallmark, 12/02/2018

Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. Some of the qualities that are nurtured by mathematics are power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, etc.It also generates logical attitude. It gives training to different faculties of mind. Every step is related to other steps on the basis of some logic with which child develops his/her mental abilities and it further effects his/her intellectual development.

Taking this legacy further at Hallmark Public School, the practical nature and application of mathematics in real life situations is always taken into the considerations.There is real-life application of almost every form of mathematics. It does not mean that every student will use every piece of mathematics that they learn, but it does mean we can show them how we can use that bit of mathematics to understand and explain something around us.

To make the students familiar with the concept of Perimeter, the principle of learning by doing is very well followed while teaching the students at Hallmark Public School- Best School in Panchkula. To put forward the same, the students were asked to measure the boundary or border of the different things presents around them in the classroom. Students measured the tables, books, display – boards and various other things of their own choice and noted the observations.

Hence the concept of Perimeter as the distance around a figure was introduced by a practical approach. So the fact that learning should be relevant and practical, not just passive and theoretical is well adapted by CBSE School in  Panchkula.The uses of mathematics for the layperson are essentially endless. One could probably write several hubs on how the subject is used in everyday life. We use math on a daily basis to measure, track, and forecast many things. Whether it’s computing the gasoline efficiency of vehicles (or the efficiency of an electric vehicle for that matter), determining how much food to make for dinner, or calculating the power requirements of a new car stereo system.It is therefore very important for students to understand this subject as it helps them to understand the logical aspect in their day to day lives.

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