Conjoint Parents Approach at one of the best schools in Panchkula
Conjoint Parents Approach at one of the best schools in Panchkula

Conjoint Parents Approach at one of the best schools in Panchkula

by Hallmark, 09/04/2018

Hallmark Public School is constantly being featured amongst some of the best schools in Panchkula. The school has the best possible infrastructural facilities, highly qualified teachers, and a balanced curriculum. While many other schools may also have competing parameters to claim to be the best, what sets Hallmark apart is its never-fading commitment to the child’s best. One of the key highlights of our academics, that make us better than other Panchkula schools, is our approach of having “Conjoint Parents”.

At Hallmark- Best CBSE School in Panchkula, we believe that teaching and learning don’t end as the bell rings at 2, and the school hours end. We believe that children spend every hour of their day learning something new and polishing their skills constantly. That’s why we follow an approach where we actively involve the parents of our students and make them partners in the growth story of their child.

While our teachers are extremely friendly and welcoming to the students, parents still remain their first teachers, with whom they share a very special and intimate bond. Learning becomes so much more fun for the students when their parents start taking an active interest in their studies.

The “Conjoint Parents” approach of Hallmark is achieved through multiple mediums. We hold regular Parents and Teacher Interactions, and keep the parents posted about the progress of their child, as well as the difficulties that are coming in their way. This helps the parents understand their child’s learning abilities in a better way, and work on it at home as well. We also make sure to provide daily creative assignments that allow the parents to get involved and work with the kids at multiple levels.

In a nutshell, Hallmark makes sure that the Mummies and Daddies don’t put the kids in school, and forget them. We make sure that everytime a kid fails, and every time a kid succeeds, parents are there to share the moment, and be a part of it. This is how children will grow up to be a well-rounded individual. Our approach towards the imparting education and in context developing students make us reach the position of Top 10 schools in Tricity.

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