Contemporary Learning Methods For Cracking Boards

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Contemporary Learning Methods For Cracking Boards

Contemporary Learning Methods For Cracking Boards

by Hallmark, 01/03/2018

Learning is an extremely important and personal experience for people of all ages. Especially when we talk about students, it is only learning that makes people ,truthful and vigilant individuals of the country.  Each individual is different and unique when it comes to processing information. Every student has its own pace of grasping things.

Research has shown that There are 7 styles of learning as each individual has a different way to comprehend. These styles are unique in their own way and these learning techniques can be used in the everyday life to grasp concepts faster, better, and with greater ease. Along with different types of learning the millennial counselors are now coming up with various learning methods that exclude learning by the rote method.

Kavita Wadhwa, the principal at Hallmark Public School- one of the Best CBSE schools in Panchkula, talked about innovative methods for students to learn, as the exam season is just around the corner. New methods such as reading a chapter while they are in the bathroom or while traveling and also revising without referring to the book, are reaching out to the students appearing for the board exams. Aromatherapy, reading while in the front of the mirror and meditation are some of the latest approaches that students are being catered to.

Ms. Wadhwa also talked about how the 7 different styles of learning can be customized for different students making learning easier for them. The 7 different styles that exist are – Visual (Spatial), Aural (Auditory-Musical), Verbal (Linguistic), Physical (Kinesthetic), Logical (Mathematical), Social (Interpersonal) and Solitary (Intrapersonal).  Like a student who is good in visual aspect can be asked to use highlighters of various colors and using flowcharts so as to understand easier. While some students prefer to study in groups(Social), there are a few students who can only concentrate while alone(Solitary), the learning methods can be molded as per each student need as well. Our teachers encourage the students to try out the methods that they are comfortable with, for a better outcome and learning.

We wish all the best to our students for their board exams and are confident that they will rise and shine.


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