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Dictionary and Thesaurus Culture

Dictionary and Thesaurus Culture

by Hallmark, 29/11/2017

A dictionary is described as a reference book containing words of language, arranged alphabetically comprising information in relates to their forms, pronunciations, functions, meanings, etymologies, spellings and idiomatic uses. A thesaurus on the other hand that comprise of synonyms and antonyms. It is very much integral to use both these tools to learn the basics as well as the in-depth learning of a language.

At Hallmark Public School, students are taught on how to use a dictionary on a daily basis so as to make them learn the language in a much more convenient manner. As English is a global language and its encyclopedic knowledge is a must therefore the CBSE School in Panchkula makes dictionary as well as thesaurus learning more habitual and materialized. A dictionary has a plethora of advantages apart from telling meanings of a word. It is one such tool which helps learning the pronunciation and right utterance of a particular word. A dictionary also notifies about the part of speech, as in which part of speech a certain word belongs to. Students also improve their linguistic skills while referring to a dictionary wherein they get more insights about sentence formation, spellings, writing of words and phrases.

The top CBSE School makes the concept of using a dictionary fun and interesting among the students so as to urge the habit among students for the long run and enrich the vocabulary of the students. The faculties’ further remark that using of a dictionary and thesaurus can be made more interesting when students are actively involved and learnings are channeled through a series of activities. To emanate the same the school regularly conducts games and activities for better understandings. Games like Play Mystery Word, Play Speed Word Search and Fastest Finger First are played to make the usage of dictionary and thesaurus besides working on the self-development of students. It is indeed a fact that the habit of using a dictionary and thesaurus effectively initiates greater learnings of a language.

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