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Gagan Damama Baajyo

Gagan Damama Baajyo

by Hallmark, 19/03/2014

An Evening of Awakening About Free INDIA with Hallmark Team

Play by award winning author sh. Piyush Mishra, will leave you speechless. The play raises a question that “Is this the India of Shahid Bhagat Singh’s dreams?”, because S. Bhagat Singh’s fight was not against British, but his fight was against the corrupt system and the disparity in society. He wanted that people should be treated equally and should have freedom of speech. But unfortunately that problem still prevails. With his play ” GAGAN DAMAMA BAAJYO ” the author Sh. Piyush Mishra will take you to flashback and force you think twice and will make you ask yourself that, “are we living in India of Bhagat Singh’s dreams?”. Please mark your presence at Yavanika Open Theatre in Panchkula on March 23rd.

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