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Greet Every Child with Care

Greet Every Child with Care

by Hallmark, 04/10/2017

A child is a sensitive being and not everyone has the art to be friends with them. The best part is that, a child can be a source of positivity. But, the worst part is that a child doesn’t like to be greeted wrongly. While you greet a child, you should take care of his/her expectations and needs. You can’t just remain busy with your work and take them for granted. “Greet your child with a smile, not a Mobile”. Next time when you greet a child, just take care of these below jotted few pointers;

Don’t Pinch a Cheek      

This could be painful as well as unhygienic for the child. The disappearing looks from the child can convey his discomfort feeling. Even though the child is chubby and cute, control your emotions and stay away from doing that.

Don’t Pat the head

You might think that it’s a friendly gesture but the child is often not happy with this. He/she is not going to be around when you will be in the room. Imagine a child patting your head. Will you like that? Patting might be acceptable, but the intensity and the intentions are considered.

Don’t look angry, Smile!

A smiling face is a way to a child’s heart. When you greet a child, keep aside all your worries and stress… Make them feel special and ask them about their well-being. Don’t bombard them with questions and yes, do not lecture them. Treat them as fragile beings because that is what they are.

Once you make a repo with them, you are allowed to be little frank. The child will create an image of yours in initial few meetings.

Parents and teachers need to fill a child with so much self-esteem that no one can steal it from their personalities.

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