How Hallmark Cultivates Leaders through the ‘House System’

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How Hallmark Cultivates Leaders through the ‘House System’.

How Hallmark Cultivates Leaders through the ‘House System’.

by Hallmark, 17/04/2018

One of the key roles of a school is to nurture individuals who can go on to become leaders and play an active role in various walks of life and later on, profession. Hallmark Public School believes that eachstudenthas those qualities and capabilities to lead, the only thing that’s required is to unleash that hidden potential and provide them opportunities to exercise that potential and hence has been called one of the best CBSE Schools in Panchkula.

Gladly, Hallmark has found more than one ways to do that.

Hallmark Public School – one of the top schools in Panchkula, has an active ‘House System’ on campus, which allows the students to take up various positions of responsibility at multiple levels. The system not only allows the students to become leaders at an early age, but it also lets them discover their strengths and weaknesses, which we believe is a very important thing to do. The recruitment process to reach those top positions also instills a very competitive spirit amongst the students, making them put their best step forward.

As part of the house system, the school appoints a head boy and a head girl every academic year, to take up the top leadership roles. In addition to that, house appointees – House Captains and Vice Captains are chosen for each of the four houses and play an important role in the smooth running of the business in the school. The class prefects hold the responsibilities at the class level and play an important role in resolving day to day issues and coming over the challenges

The school currently has four main houses named after breeds of flowers – Iris, Tulip, Lily,and Daffodil.

The school has run the house system successfully for several years now, and the results have been phenomenal! Our students have a hallmark of being more confident, more responsible and more disciplined than others. That’s why Hallmark Public School is counted amongst Top 10 Schools in Tricity.

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