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Importance of Phonics

Importance of Phonics

by Hallmark, 27/11/2017

The most primitive method which a school can adopt to stimulate emergent reading is by creating classrooms and learning environments that encircle the young students with meaningful text, regardless of the method chosen. Phonics is one such method for teaching reading and writing of the language . It makes the students be able to hear, identify, and manipulate so as to educate the correlation between the sounds and the spelling patterns that represent them.

At Hallmark Public School, the learning environment is designed in a way that enables the students be able to decipher the connection between letters and sounds and the correlation in them so as to make words and sentences. The CBSE School in Tricity further adds that phonics is the foundation of developing reading skills which play an integral role while learning a language. It enables a child to decode new written words by sounding them out. It is the process of amalgamating the sound-spelling patterns along with pronunciation of the words. When a child is taught a language with phonics, the understanding levels in them is much higher and also the conceptual clarity is more. An instance to support the statement can be learning the “-at” sound, and then adding consonants to it to form words like “cat, mat, bat and so long.

The top School in Panchkula lays a strong emphasis of phonics on developing reading habits in a child as it is highly essential in every child education. Teaching phonics help children learn the fundamentals of the language by focusing first on the sound and through that learning how to spell words and pronouncing them correctly. Teaching sound is the first thing which should be taught as without that it will be illogical for a child to spell any word correctly. Phonics helps the child to recognize sounds in words and then further spell them correctly.


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