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Importance of Sports in School Curriculum

Importance of Sports in School Curriculum

by Hallmark Public School, 17/08/2021

In order to stay healthy, we must obtain a healthy habit in our life and sports are one of the best ways to ensure a healthy lifestyle. For children, it is mandatory and it has more privileges than disadvantages.

Sports have endless benefits, which are as given below:

  • It assures that your child remains healthy and fit.
  • It allows children to socialize with people at every level.
  • It involves communication, leadership skills, teamwork, and subsequent instructions.
  • It helps to increase their confidence and self-esteem
  • It further helps to develop the cognitive skills of a child
  • Kids are also able to learn discipline while playing a game.
  • It is additionally a good way to release stress.

Counted among the top schools in Panchkula, we have curated a list of some of the sports games for kids to increase their potential are given:

Cricket: – Cricket is a sport that is profoundly liked, and learning cricket skills can be helpful for children to develop excellent motor skills, stamina, body balance, and hand-eye coordination.

Tennis:- Tennis is recognized for its competing spirit. It benefits in building muscle strength and enhances cardiovascular fitness.

Running: – Marathons are arranged by numerous organizations and they help a lot in building body strength. It boosts stamina and develops lungpower in growing children.

Football: – Football is among the most popular sports and has been loved by children. It needs constant planning, crew coordination, and teamwork. It also improves balance, as it is required to manage the ball.

Not every child needs to shine in sports but their active participation in sports could help them stay fit physically and mentally.

We, at The Hallmark Public School, ranked among the best school in Panchkula ensure that our kids grow in sports.

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