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Importance of Personal Hygiene for Students

Importance of Personal Hygiene for Students

by Hallmark, 08/05/2018

The habits picked up during the formative years at school go a long way and stay with a person throughout the life. Therefore, it is important to build the right set of habits while at school, for a good and healthy life ahead. Personal hygiene is a very important thing to be learned during these years at the school. We at Hallmark one of the Top 10 Schools in Chandigarh, ensure that our students become absolutely aware of the importance of keeping themselves neat and clean. As the students spend most of their time with teachers and peers at school, and with their parents and family at home, we work in partnership with the parents to inculcate habits of hygiene amongst the students.

Here are a few things about personal hygiene that we teach to our students, and we expect the parents to support us in this endeavor, helping their kids follow these habits at home as well.

Hand Washing

Students should be taught the importance of regularly washing their hands from the very early age itself. At Hallmark, we ensure that students wash their hands properly before having their lunch meal at school. We also teach our students the correct ways of washing hands. The habit of washing hands before and after the meals goes a long way in keeping the children safe from germs, infection, and diseases and also promotes the overall health.

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene is a critical component of personal hygiene for students. Brushing the teeth at least twice a day is very important to maintain a healthy set of teeth. It not only keeps the teeth and gums healthy but also ensures a fresh breath. At Hallmark, we are amongst the top Panchkula schools, organizing regular dental checkups and organize camps for the students at the school itself.

Keeping Body Clean

Maintaining a clean, hygienic and well-kept overall body has become a mandate in today’s competitive professional environment. We ensure that our students are hygienic, and look smart an sharp to beat the competition. The points that we particularly focus on, as far as personal hygiene is concerned, include clean and duly trimmed nails, well-kept hair, clean clothes and clean body.

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