Instilling Creativity & Seeding Passion, the Hallmark Way!
Instilling Creativity & Seeding Passion, the Hallmark Way!

Instilling Creativity & Seeding Passion, the Hallmark Way!

by Hallmark, 12/04/2018

At Hallmark Public School, which is one of the top 10 schools in tricity, we have always believed in going an extra mile in ensuring a bright future for our students. We feel that if it was all about what is taught in the curriculum, students would have got a decently good education at any other school. However, it’s never just about that. Parents send their kids to school not just to study hard and get good grades, but also to pick up holistic skills, discover their talents and pursue them. This is exactly where Hallmark creates all the difference.

Instilling Creativity Amongst Students
At Hallmark, we impart a futuristic education, and the future, we believe is going to be drastically different from the present. When machines will be taking over the majority of the work that humans do today, the only individuals who will sustain and succeed will be the ones with a creative bent of mind. We are glad that we are already preparing our students for that! Hallmark has a special focus on nurturing the creativity of students from a young age. We achieve that by involving our students in a variety of activities like art and craft, dance and music, origami and creative writing which is why we have been listed among the Top 10 schools in Chandigarh. We hold open discussions for the students to discuss their views on a variety of subjects and find creative solutions to a number of problems.

Seeding Passion Amongst Students
When our students are involved in so many different creative fields at so many different levels, passion is bound to creep in. In the whole process, we are able to identify the interests and the strongholds of the students and support them to pursue their passion on a larger canvas. Our campus provides all the adequate infrastructural and academic facilities to help the students take their passion to the other level, not only bringing laurels to the school but also building a secure and bright future for themselves.

When your kid goes to Hallmark Public School, you can stay assured that as one of the best schools in Panchkula, Hallmark will take care of all the needs of your child, who will surely come out as a well-rounded, strong individual with a very bright future.

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