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Junior FLL Robotics challenge

Junior FLL Robotics challenge

by Hallmark, 29/01/2016

Imagination has no limit.Creativity knows no boundaries when it starts flying in the sky of imagination.The team of junior FLL Robotic Challange of Hallmark ‘Ignited Minds 14’ is truly flying high with their creation of Garden of Joy through using dumped tyres.Not only the actual tyres,their minds concentrated on tyres in Lego also and made a movable bin-Mechanical Messanger of cleanliness conveying the message of ‘waste wise’ which is no doubt the theme- Trash Track of FLL 2016.

FLL is a great gloibal platformfor young students who are ready to learn new things in an innovative and scientific manner.The junior FLL focuses on building the foundation of technical and scientific knowledge.LEGO always churns up their minds.

Kids enjoyed working with LEGO and also learned the basics of robotics which will surely enlighten their minds for such competitions at senior level in future.God bless Ignited Minds 14 Hallmarkites Rock.

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