What Makes the Hallmark Classroom an Ideal Classroom?
What Makes the Hallmark Classroom an Ideal Classroom?

What Makes the Hallmark Classroom an Ideal Classroom?

by Hallmark Public School, 19/06/2018

Classrooms are important. Though the concept of learning within the four walls is widely criticized in the light of modern advances in education, it remains a fact that a lot of actual learning does happen within these four walls! Further, how much the students learn and how much they retain has a lot to do with the features of the classroom. A good school classroom should imbibe a set of features that provide for a conducive learning environment for the children.

At Hallmark, we are amongst the top 10 schools in panchkula, and we are glad that we have set up our classrooms adhering to the best standards of teaching and learning.

Here are some of the salient features of a Hallmark classroom that make it an ideal classroom:

Classroom Layout

The planning and layout of a classroom have a lot of impact on the students’ learning experience. All the classrooms have been laid out in such a way that each student, even the one sitting at the last corner feels involved in the happenings of the classroom. Students often sit facing each other, which is our way of promoting interactions and starting constructive discussions amongst students. Our classrooms are adequately spacious and air-conditioned.

Teaching & Learning Aids

The classrooms have been equipped with state-of-art equipment like projectors, audio-visual systems, and other digital learning aids which have helped the students gain immensely. Our students are able to pick up concepts faster and retain them thoroughly by the use of the teaching and learning aids.

Creative Environment

Hallmark being a top school in Panchkula truly believes that a creative mind breeds only in a creative environment. Therefore, we have made sure that all our classrooms exhibit the qualities and characteristics that portray creativity at the best. We have aesthetically pleasing furniture, well-maintained interiors and a clean environment which is adorned with the students’ creations, which inspire students to be at their best when in the classroom.

Together through all these, and more features, the Hallmark classrooms certainly make the students look forward to each day at school!

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