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Making Learning Fun, Through Activities

Making Learning Fun, Through Activities

by Hallmark, 22/05/2018

Hallmark Public School is one of the best schools in Tricity. We top the list of best CBSE schools in Panchkula.

There must be a reason for such a highly accomplished track record! Yes, the reason is our child-centric approach towards teaching, which makes learning so much of fun for our students, that they automatically turn out to be the best. The success and highly competitive nature of our students speaks for itself.

At Hallmark, we have always followed a teaching approach which comprises a large number of activities and hands-on experiences for the students. Our aim has always been to make the time that students spend with us at school, to be the most fun and at the same time most fruitful time as far as their learning is concerned. We are able to engage the students in such a way that they are actually not able to differentiate between learning, work and fun, and are able to understand topics and grasp concepts in a seamless manner.

Some of the key activities that we organise regularly at Hallmark are art & craft, painting, dancing, singing & music, creative writing, public speaking and sports etc.To encourage the same; we are coming up with Summer Camp in our premises to encourage student’s make the most of their time in some productive activities.

As part of our daily curriculum at school, we try to associate each of the topics that we teach with a real life example or some sought of a hands on experience. This how creative and artistic subjects like painting, sketching, cutting and pasting also become an integral part of science and maths at Hallmark.We also have well-equipped labs and studios which allow the students to brush up their understanding of subjects through the practical exposure.

Our students often work on group projects and assignments at the end of each chapter, so that they are also able to go out and explore the subject on their own, or with the help of their peers. It also promotes peer to peer learning amongst the students, which is very important.

We continue to find new and innovative ways to make learning a better and even better experience for our students and stay up to our brand’s image and positioning.

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