MARKS - Catalyst of Change
MARKS – Catalyst of Change

MARKS – Catalyst of Change

by Hallmark, 11/09/2018

Examination plays a very quintessential part in the education system of our country. Students feel that they act as the catalyst for their future. We as educators would see that exam results influence one’s future but they don’t make a decision on the success of the students. We believe that we just choose our future, by working or not working on something.

Let’s say a student fails in an exam. The reason can be anything as given being referred to subtle elements: it may not be their day or even for studying for the whole year, only those questions were asked which he or she skipped or had a very little time to write, or it could also be that he/she was medically unfit. This just chooses the result of that exam. The challenge is what the student does from that point forward.

Being among the best CBSE Schools in Panchkula, we tell our students to simply learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat them next time. On the other hand, if someone is failing regularly then he/ she should do something about it. It is often seen among students that they duplicate or copy the choices of their fellow mates. We make them understand that each of them is different from the rest and have their own individual potential which allows them to create a unique place for themselves.

From our perception, Exam results just play an integral part in a specific time. The school exam results made a difference until a student enters college. The college exam results make a difference till they get into an organization. It is only how one performs in the organization depicts his/ her success rate.

We as the best CBSE School feel that there should be certain amendments in the current education system which would throw light on pointers like –

• Changing the evaluating framework.

• Rather than testing the information in one 3 hour exam, execute strategies which test the potential at normal interims.

• Rather than concentrating on just to get passed, ponder for brilliance.

To sum it up, try not to give an exam a chance to choose your future. If you fail, rise once more, and continue moving towards your goal until you accomplish it.

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