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A Meet with Mr. GS Channi

A Meet with Mr. GS Channi

by Hallmark Public School, 07/08/2018

“When you invite people to think, you are inviting revolution.”


India is rich in its Culture and Heritage and it is important for us to let our students know the history of the vibrant Art, Culture, and Heritage of India and we had Mr. GS Chani to enlighten his knowledge in students.

It was an honor for all of us to have  Mr. G.S.Chani, a renowned persona, a laureate, a ventriloquist, a thespian, an art lover. Mr. GS Chani has travelled the world, he is an alumnus of Boston University, the USA where he did his advanced training in Television and Communication at the College of Communications. He was also a visiting lecturer in of the world’s renowned universities, one amongst them is Massachusetts Institute Of Technology and Michigan State University.

He is also a prominent theatre person who has produced  27 theatre plays with 5 TV Serials and 8 TV Films along with 36 television documentaries. During his career, he has been accoladed with a plethora of awards and also has been felicitated by  the Government Of India and Punjab.

It was an exigent task for us to invite such an eminent personality in our school to interact with Hallmarkites. It was our nobility to have him on board with us to conduct this workshop for students from Classes VII-X.

Mr. G S Chani shared his pearls of wisdom on the Art, Culture, and Heritage Of India as for him “ We ourselves are the Heritage”. He further mentioned that the absence of the due respect for our distinct heritage, we are on the verge of losing our own identity on this globe. One of the world’s oldest living civilizations – which gave to the world – the concept of zero (0), the primordial sound Aum… Yoga, and Buddhism- must be preserved at any cost.

During the screening of one of his documentaries, he elucidated the beauty of forts of Daulatabad which insisted each one present there to respect our culture and preserve our heritage. Taking it further, he briefed about the forts of Daulatabed and Fatehpur Sikri. He also added that to Dream Big one has to be happy and joyful within.

At the end Principal, Ms. Kavita Wadhwa dignified the workshop and emphasized on how it is important to preserve our rich culture and heritage at Best CBSE school in Panchkula, which can be a saga for the budding generation.

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