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Morning Assembly to Start Your Day

Morning Assembly to Start Your Day

by Hallmark, 14/05/2018

People remember their school days for different reasons. Some remember their school friends, some remember the canteen food, some grow fond of the teachers, while some simply loved doing the school uniform! While there are many things special about school, one thing which everyone like about school, invariably, is the morning assembly.

Morning assembly has been a long running ritual in schools, and Hallmark Public School embraces it will full zeal. We believe that every morning assembly is essential in many ways, and triggers a positive vibe setting the stage for a fruitful day.

Promoting Unity

One of the key reasons that schools have morning assembly is that it promotes a feeling of unity, togetherness and belonging amongst the students. The very sight of a few hundred students, dressed identically, for a common cause of education, is a sight to behold! Morning Assembly is also an occasion where students interact with their peers across sections and across classes.

Staying Informed

Morning Assembly becomes the single most important source of information for the school students. Not only are the students informed about the happenings in the school and important circulars, but also about what’s happening in the city, in the country and across the world.

Celebrating Occasions

Special Occasions and events are celebrated regularly during the morning assembly. Students express their views through speech, singing, dancing and acting on various different themes during the morning assemble. Hallmark, being a top school in Panchkula always promotes such extra curricular activities.

Developing Routine

The most important benefit of the morning assembly is that it helps the students develop a good daily routine. Students are expected to be on time for the morning assembly, dress up sharply for the inspection that follows it, and behave their best throughout. All of this instills in students qualities like punctuality, discipline and mannerism.

Morning assembly is one of the best thing about school and we as the best school in Panchkula, certainly believe that it plays a major role in starting a day with a fresh mind.

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