Multi Game Court - Co-Curricular Extra Activities

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The most important thing in games is not winning but taking part……..The essential thing is not conquering but fighting well. In order to develop the overall personality of a student, sports play a vital role.Excercise is also known to relieve stress. Sport is an important learning environment for children. Sport can affect a child’s development of self-esteem and self-worth. Specialized coaches/instructors have been constantly guiding and motivating the students.
Multi game court is first of its kind to feature grounds for sports like volley ball, basket ball, tennis, badminton etc all wrapped up in a single court laid with a hard court surface internationally certified for sports. The multi game court was inaugurated by eminent cricket/actor- Yograj Singh who at his best provided tips to budding sports persons of Hallmark School emphasizing on key elements like fitness, stamina and holistic health.