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PDP: Teachers’ Workshop by Mr. VinodPhutela

PDP: Teachers’ Workshop by Mr. VinodPhutela

by Hallmark, 11/07/2018

Taking action is the most important step in effectuating life changes. At Hallmark, one of the Top school in Panchkula, we focus on the overall development of the students rather than limiting the scope of education to classroom studies. Therefore, we take regular action to ensure that our students are being nurtured and are provided the best.

We often organize insightful and thought-provoking workshops for our students. However this time a workshop was organized for our teachers, as we believe that teachers can only nurture students properly if they are consciously aware of what they need to do, and how to do it.

This workshop was conducted on the topic “Good Parenting and Teaching” by a renowned Neuro Linguistic Program Trainer, Mr. VinodPhutela. The workshop was very well structured and informative and dealt with various issues of parenting and teaching. Mr. Phutela talked about powerful techniques that teachers should imbibe in their teaching process. Skills such as Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic were taken up for discussion during the course of the workshop to enable teachers to understand mental and cognitive processes behind behavioral incompetence, and effective ways to tackle such situations if any.

Moving on, techniques that help students overcome their dyslexia, learning disability, phobia etc. were highlighted. The teachers actively participated in the workshop by experimenting with the skill of how to read the mind of an individual on the basis of his gestures, facial expressions, eye movements etc. The workshop ended with a healthy discussion on how parents should adopt a positive attitude towards the development of the children cooperating with and assisting the teachers.

Hallmark Public School is constantly featured as the top 10 schools in Panchkula due to its modern ideology of implementing behavioral sciences, in their teaching process and providing a very realistic education that is essential for the success of its students.

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