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by Hallmark, 08/02/2018

All that the young ones see, listen, and then observe is an investment for the future. All the learning which takes place in practical sense naturally has more impact on the human mind. Early childhood education is rooted in the belief that learning through doing is indispensable for young children.They are like learning sponges, while they are young.

At Hallmark Public School, we believe that all the activities that toddlers learn, from touching, jumping, hopping and crawling, can only be learnt when they have mastered the skill of walking. Most of these activities which they learn they generally see around them and then try to copy or enact. Montessori (1967) stated that, for learning to reach its full potential, it must be directly connected to physical movement for the young children.

Children tend to understand the concepts more quickly when they are being shown the task and then they opt for the trial and error method. They keep trying and with a little help, they finally succeed. This shows that when motor skill is directly related to the task being learned, children can understand the concepts more completely and quickly.

Nature is the best teacher. There are certain skills which are not possible to be taught in a closed environment. The bonding between nature and child can hence be created. The naturalist skill of the students can be honed by making the students mingle with nature. Let the child be free to touch, explore the nature on his own so that learning takes place.

Maths is the biggest fear which the children usually face. But when even maths is taught in a playful manner, it becomes easy to understand, grasp it easily and they don’t fear it anymore. Hallmark Public School – The best CBSE school in Panchkula makes sure that children are taught maths by playing games like hopscotch, tangram, soduko, etc., that can shun their fear for mathematics and make the subject much more fun.

Children tend to enjoy all the activities that they do and things that they build from scratch. The things when done practically with their tiny hands help them to master the concept. They feel a sense of achievement. Like when being taught the concept of time, children can be asked to make their clocks, this way they remember it better. Things once done in a practical manner have a better impact on anyone’s mind be it a child or an adult.

It is truly said: If I Hear It, I Forget It

If I See It, I Remember It

If I Do It, I Know It

If I Discover it, I Use It.



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