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Pre-Writing Skills Development

Pre-Writing Skills Development

by Hallmark, 06/12/2017

It is very much imperative to develop pre –writing as well as motor skills of children in their formative years of learning. These skills contribute to the overall development in them and facilitates quality learning.

Hallmark Public School is a Best CBSE School in Panchkula which preludes that pre-writing skills are the fundamental skills which need to be developed before a child is able to write. These skills can be extremely basic from a child’s ability to hold and use a pencil to the potential to draw, write, copy, and color. Adding further, Pre-writing shapes form a very major component in pre-writing skill development. To foster the same, the top School in Tricity conducts various activities for their students to make the learnings more absorbing. Activities like coloring of shapes and images improves the fine motor skills in a child and stimulate creativity in them. Apart from teaching the pre-writing skills , the faculties of the school also lays an emphasis in developing the motor skills in a child for they believe that pre-writing and fine motor skills are both inter related and must be taught to a child at a very tender age.

Working on both these skills from the core enables children to polish their tiny muscles which control their hand, fingers and thumb thereby up scaling their writing skills. The school always gives weight age of amalgamating scholastic knowledge with practical application in all their wings for academic enrichment. To empower the same, young students are made to learn different hand exercise through activities like tearing of paper in a neat manner, buttoning up their shirts to zipping their bags to tying laces and opening their Tiffin and also certain mind exercises through games like hopscotch . Such daily routine exercises help the child remoulding their gross motor skills to fine motor skills and comprehend the importance of task completion at growing age. The School further adds that such activities need to be taken up consistently so as to facilitate the overall development of body and mind in a child.

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