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Regional FLL Winners

Regional FLL Winners

by Hallmark, 10/02/2015

With its extraordinary enthusiasm & spirit, inspiration, exceptional partnership, and the utmost respect to the team mates Jatin Chhabra (VIII), Meghna Sharma (IX), Pankhuri Garg (IX), Snehil Sharma (IX) and mentors Ms.Renu Bhardwak & Ms. Neha Gulati, Ignited Minds-21 Robo-Chhitti leads the Hallmark Public School, Sector-15, Panchkula to a historical win by becoming the second time qualifiers for Nationals at the FLL, World Class challenge 2014. Alongwith it, another team of the school, Ignited Minds-14 with the team members Avi Goyal (VII), Paras Garg (VII), Prakhar Gupta (VIII). Ayush Bhatnagar (IX), Nikhil Bhalla (IX), Akshay Gupta (IX), Raghvi Sharma (IX) and mentors Ms. Vishali Sedha & Ms. Aarti Kapoor also qualified for the National to be held in Delhi on February 5 & 6, 2015. Both the teams won the FLL. World class challenge at Regional Level in a class contest with 16 other teams.
One aspect of the contest was a research project wherein IM-21 stole the show by winning the Best Project Trophy with its quality research on the innovative solution 3H-T which best reflect there in depth understanding of the scientific disciplines involved with the project embracing the core values.
Last but not the least the Junior FLL Team added feather in the colorful cap of Hallmark by bagging the overall Junior FLL Championship Trophy.

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