Senior Wing : How We Bring the Best Out of the Senior Students
Senior Wing : How We Bring the Best Out of the Senior Students

Senior Wing : How We Bring the Best Out of the Senior Students

by Hallmark, 27/06/2018

Once the students reach a certain level of seniority in terms of their academic ladder, education no more remains just about learning the basic concepts and theories of the subjects included in the curriculum. The senior classes are the ones which are largely going to determine the future course of a student’s career. It is also the time of taking some wise decisions, making choices and gaining different kinds of experiences.

Hallmark Public School, which is the best school in Panchkula CBSE schools, runs up to the senior secondary level of education, and pays special attention in responding to the needs of the senior students.

Here’s how Hallmark Public School brings the best out of the senior students:

Academic vigor with more focus on practical

Without a doubt, the senior most years at school are academically the most challenging, just as they should be. However, Hallmark makes the tough academics appear easy by focussing on practical and experiential teaching along with the regular classroom lectures. This not only ignites a deep interest in the subjects, but also helps the students excel in the academics without getting stressed out.

Career counselling for senior students

As the students get ready to move out of the school, there’s an extremely important decision that they have to take – what next? As one amongst the top 10 schools in Panchkula, we believe that our responsibility as a school does not end with our students passing out, but we also have to prepare them for the life ahead. That’s why, we organize comprehensive career counselling and orientation sessions for the students of the senior wing to appraise them about the professional world that awaits them.

Equal focus on sports & extra-curriculars

At Hallmark, we also believe that starting of senior classes does not mean the end of all the fun! The senior years at school must not just be all about studies and exams. Students who are good at a sport, or an art, must pursue it all through these years, and even beyond it. Therefore, we encourage the students to actively engage and take part in sports activities, inter school competitions, attend conferences and much more.

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