Students Enjoy Their Chore As Journalist
Students Enjoy Their Chore As Journalist

Students Enjoy Their Chore As Journalist

by Hallmark, 13/03/2018

Learning not only involves theory, but practical aspect also plays a major role in the overall development of the students. Education is all about preparing the students for the future. We at Hallmark Public School – The Best CBSE School in Tricity provides an education system wherein our students are exposed to scenarios and situations which would enable them to unleash their inner self, passion and widen their horizon while making a choice for their career.

To continuously empower our students, we this time chose Print Media to allow our students get an experience of how a leading newspaper works on a day to day basis. We must say that it was one of a kind experience which will be shared as memories by us as well as our students.

The students of Hallmark Public School recently donned the hat of journalists and edited an issue of the TOI backed Newspaper in Education (NIE). The team of student ‘editors’ under the guidance of Anne Cherian was lead by  Ms Kavita Wadhwa, Ms Renu Bhardwaj, Ms Prerna Sharma, and Ms Rupika Mago.

Being the editor for the NIE, students got to learn the elements of news which are 5W’s and 1H – What, When, Where, Why, Who & How, along with various steps that occur before the newspaper reaches one’s hand. Students were divided into various groups and they had to write news stories following the guidelines and also edit it under the guidance of various experts. They also helped to select the stories of the day for the other pages as well.

The students who were part of the team – Aman Pathak, Jhalak Garg, and Kanishka Garg of class 9, Devishi Jindal, Armaan Jhand, Bhavya Mittal, and Harsift Kaur of class 8, and Akshat Sandhu of class 7 said that they were happy about being journalists for a day and were very enthusiastic to learn more and more. The faculty who coordinated the whole activity for the students describe it as a rare opportunity for them to discover their hidden talents and polish their skills that they are good at.

Principal Ms. Kavita Wadhwa, who personally spearheaded the whole activity, said that the motive was to expose the students to the ‘not-so-popular’ field of media and journalism. She added, “We really don’t want our students to be disillusioned and lost, limiting their vision only to the popular career choices like engineering and medicine. Instead, we want our students to have immense exposure to the various possible fields of study and career choices that they can pursue.” In this row, media was at head this time around.

During the course of this unique expedition, the students did not just explore the field concerned, but they also demonstrated vision, leadership, team bonding and creativity in the way of executing the mission through soliciting, refining and developing high-quality articles. We believe developing such skills is indeed helpful, regardless of the field that the students dive into later on in their lives.

Essentially, the theoretical aspect of learning alone does not contribute to the comprehensive growth, the practical aspect also plays a very prominent role. In order to inculcate this aspect, Hallmark Public School – Best School in Panchkula keeps on organizing such events where the students are able to gain first-hand experience.

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