Summer Alert: 4 Tips for Students, from the Top School in Panchkula
Summer Alert: 4 Tips for Students, from the Top School in Panchkula

Summer Alert: 4 Tips for Students, from the Top School in Panchkula

by Hallmark, 03/05/2018

It’s the month of May, and for Northern India, the summer season is almost here. At the beginning of the summer season, the temperatures are already soaring, and the heat wave will follow soon. Summers are indeed a difficult time for school-going children, as they have to step out of their homes every day for the school, at least till the vacations begin! However, you are lucky if you study at Hallmark- Top School in Panchkula, as we are always there to help you out, in whatever ways possible.

This time around, we have got for our students, 5 tips to beat the heat this summer.

Take in a lot of liquid

Well, that’s the universal rule. Summer season makes it for a lot of water loss from your body in the form of sweat, which can lead to dehydration. To avoid that kind of a condition, it is advised to take in a lot of liquid substances like juice, coconut water, lemon water, etc. to keep the body hydrated. And yes, never forget to carry the water bottle with you to school.

Eat ONLY healthy

Keeping a tap on the food you eat is very important during the summer season. Summers invite for the spread of a lot of diseases, and many times, the medium is the food itself. Therefore, eat only freshly cooked, home-made food during summers, and say no to the street-side fast food.

Avoid the midday sun

We know it is difficult while going to and fro school, but try to save yourself from the sun as much as possible during summers. Move out only if it is absolutely necessary, and that too with proper protection against the harsh sun and heat wave.

Find your way of cooling down!

As students, it is also important to device your own personal ways of cooling yourself down in summers. It can be about joining swimming classes, or having some cold stuff! However, you must just have a way to go about when the extreme heat takes a toll on you.

Hallmark Public School, which is counted in top 10 schools in Panchkula, cares for you. We want your summers to be happy, healthy and fruitful. So get yourself ready, and have a happening summer season.

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