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Terms & Conditions

  • Monthly Charges- Payable on or before the 10th April, July, October & January for the relevant due months if paid by cash.
  • Payments by way of Local cheque payable in favour of Meenu Memorial Charitable Trust can be made only by 7th of the due month.
  • Please mention name of the pupil and admission no. at the back of the cheque.
  • The School Management reserves the right to review the fee structure and other charges.
  • All the school charges and fee, once deposited, are neither refunded nor adjusted in any case.
  • No amount is refundable at the time of withdrawal even if the child has not attended the School for a single day.
  • Any delay in depositing the due will entail a fine of ` 50/- per day w.e.f the 11th to the last working day of the month stipulated for paying fee. Beyond this, it will result in automatic removal of the student’s name for the School Rolls and can be resumed through a written application from the parents within the next fifteen days only after paying the re-admission fee.
  • The parents should preserve the fee receipts, to be produced at the School Front Office, if demanded by the School.
  • The Challan generated from the website will be valid for same day only.