How Theatre Helps Students Learn
How Theatre Helps Students Learn

How Theatre Helps Students Learn

by Hallmark, 02/08/2018

The theatre is an art, a form of depicting a story; imagined or real life through a set of people known as actors in front of a live audience in a particular place known as the stage. When we talk about theatre, it is important to understand that how drama is part of everyone’s life.

At Hallmark – Best CBSE school in Panchkula, we feel education is not just about confining our students to academic or certain co-curricular activities. We want our Hallmarkites to get exposure to each and every domain so that when they step out of their school environment, they have an extra edge over other students.

The theatre is one of the finest artwork a student can imbibe. They put their heart and soul in a particular character and portray him/her in a way which is real and existent. We feel that doing theatre one of the best techniques to make students polish their cognitive and motor skills.

Conducting theatre workshops for students enables them to learn a plethora of skills like it fosters creativity, acts as a mode of developing self-expression, increases concentration and retention power, and makes the students more focused and alert.

To stimulate the same, we had a theatre workshop for all the Hallmarkites wherein they learned the nuances of theatre and also put in their creative learning in their characters which took their performances to heights. We feel that staying consistent as the Best School in Panchkula needs a lot of effort, hard work from the school staff and parents so that we are continuously making our Hallmarkites evolve every day.

It is well said that best education is the gift for life and we want to usher this gift to our students whilst covering the entire sphere of quality education which includes giving a global environment in the school.

We feel extremely elated and proud when our students bring laurels on not just national platforms but also internationally.

Being one of the Top Panchkula schools, we hold a strong opinion on the fact that the activities which the Hallmarkites are getting exposed to now, will definitely shape their future careers.

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