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Tips to Overcome Stage Fear for Students

Tips to Overcome Stage Fear for Students

by Hallmark, 01/05/2018

All of us, as individuals, have our fears. Some fear the dark, some fear the height and some are afraid of the unknown. In life, no matter what your fears are, it is important to keep fighting to overcome them.

One of the most common fears amongst school students is that of the stage! Yes, while few students have an inherent confidence on stage and away with the audience, most of them are fearful of the idea of going on stage and representing. However, it is important for students to overcome this fear of stage, and we, at Hallmark – Best Schools in Panchkula, want all our students to be stage-ready, and up for all the limelight that awaits them in life.

Here are 5 pro-tips for our students to overcome their fear of stage:

Focus Right

While preparing for the stage, it’s important to keep your focus right. Do not keep reminding yourself of your fear, and of all that might go wrong. Instead, focus on what is important, focus on adding value to the time of your audience.

Calm Yourself

Stage fright often makes a student go nervous and conscious. It’s important to calm oneself down in such a situation. One should practice deep breathing, do some quick exercises, and drink plenty of water to relax the mind and the body.

Practice, Practice!

Practice is the key to confidence on stage. Prepare your speech/presentation/act for days in advance, and practice in front of a group of your friends. Ask them to point out your mistakes, and share their experience with you. In fact, you can practice in front of the mirror to analyze yourself.

Visualise the Outcome

In the end, you just need to visualize the outcome that a successful act on stage will bring about. Just visualize your audience appreciating you, and the sound of claps hitting your eardrums. It will surely make you succeed on stage.

Body Language

Your confidence reflects in your body language, and inversely, your body language also instills confidence in you. Work a little bit on how you would walk on stage, what posture you would stand in, and how you would hold the mike. All of this will leave a positive impression on your audience, and that will surely add to your confidence.

Hallmark Public School, which is a top school in Panchkula, works constantly to help the students overcome stage fright. We focus on the overall and holistic development of the kids, and that’s why we have been able to make a name amongst the Panchkula schools.

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