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Why Do Schools Have Uniforms?

Why Do Schools Have Uniforms?

by Hallmark, 19/04/2018

School life is an amazing phase to be in. While the younger ones may feel the other way, ask a pass out and you will know how much they would want to return to the classroom! School life is characterized by a lot of distinctive features – the morning assembly, the school bell, the school bag and the uniform! What did we last mention? Uniform? Well, at Hallmark Public School – one of the best Schools in tricity, the school uniform is one of the most relishing memories of school life.

School uniforms are amazing, but why do have school uniforms? What’s the logic, and what’s history behind this, if there is any? All schools in India, and in most parts of the world have prescribed uniforms for the students, and yet few people know why? Let’s find out!

Uniformity & Pride, and Belonging
Uniforms are about uniformity, and it makes all the students have a common. Uniform also instills a sense of pride amongst the students, just as a company’s logo or a nation’s flag does. It makes the students feel a sense of belonging towards the school.

The focus is Learning, Not Clothing
Imagine what would be the scene in the absence of school uniforms. Fashion will kick in, and not that it is a bad thing, but it is consuming! In schools, the focus should be on learning, and a leniency in school uniforms will completely shift the focus, with students wasting a larger portion of their time and efforts in getting ‘dressed’ for the school daily.

Discouraging Peer Pressure
All students in a class do not come from the same section of society and do not share a common sense of dressing. While some come from the high-income class and can afford branded clothing, a lot of students are from middle-income or low-income groups and have limited resources. In the absence of a school uniform that is alike for everyone, students develop a lot of peer pressure with regard to how they dress and how they look, which is not a healthy sign.

Safety & Security
Well, last but a really important benefit of having uniforms in school is that it contributes largely towards ensuring the safety of students while in school, and while moving in and out of school premises. It’s as simple a logic as this – students in uniform are easily identifiable, and can’t get lost!

At Hallmark Public School – one of the best Schools in Panchkula we believe these are some of the really important factors which have made school uniforms such an indispensable part of our education culture. It’s all for the good, students love it. Isn’t it? How do you find the Hallmark uniform, do let us know in comments!

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