The Power of ‘WE’ lies in our ability to think, persevere, create, discover, share, rise, and celebrate together as a community of learners and creators.
The Hallmark family believes in a holistic approach and is committed to nurturing the inherent potential and talent of each child, creating lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow.
Powered by a dynamic team, driven by a strong vision, and incorporating the latest educational research practised, Hallmark Public School has emerged as one of the top CBSE school in Panchkula.
Hallmark Public School boasts of a Wi-Fi enabled campus that is aesthetically designed and surrounded by picturesque, landscaped lush green flora and fauna.
Our educators are the foundation of a dynamic educational framework that aims to prepare students for 21st-century challenges through continuous learning and mentoring.
Our curriculum is designed to be socially, culturally, and linguistically relevant to young students and cultivate a sense of curiosity and discovery within a safe, joyful, and engaging learning environment.
Hallmark Public School launched the Mark-10 Shooting Range in 2016, one of the first shooting ranges in Tri-City licensed by the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI).
Hallmark Public School, the best CBSE School in Panchkula, is the first school in the region to introduce the Defence Taekwondo Martial Arts Club supported by Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI).
Hallmark Public School is the first school in the region to establish ATL Labs, as part of the Atal Innovation Mission's goal to "Cultivate One Million Children in India as Neoteric Innovators."

Celebrating Our Milestones

Celebrating Our Milestones


Happiness Index

Hallmark Public School is the best for my daughter. Kavita Wadhwa Ma'am holds the school like her family.
Certainly the best CBSE school in Tricity. Spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs, safe and aesthetic campus.
What's most exciting in hallmark is that teachers are very open to the children while teaching which makes children learn more.
Thank you for your time and efforts to make our child more confident in his learning and fun, including activities that help him to develop himself.
A great place to gain a high intellect through a combination of coherence, progressive learning and well-organised academic events.
It's one of the best schools that encourage students to attain their goals with practical knowledge of life.
The teachers are one of the best in the area. The care and attention they give to any student by far exceed any one's expectations.
Hallmark Public School is one of the best choices to groom and grow your child with advanced studies in technology.
They groom their children in a way such that they should be capable to excel in every sphere of their lives.

The Hallmark Advantage

Kindergarten Hinterland

The Kindergarten Program uses individual and group activities to encourage interaction and develop basic literacy and numeracy skills.

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Mark-10 Shooting Sports Academy

The first NRAI-licensed shooting range in TriCity, developing the next generation of shooting champions.

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Defence Martials Arts Academy (KCCI)

An initiative to make our students more physically fit, more self-aware, and better equipped for self-defence.

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Robotics & AI (ATL)

An initiative to establish ATL Labs, striving to inculcate in young brains traits like curiosity, inventiveness, and creativity.

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Kalakaar Theatre & Dance Club

Encourages the students to discover their inner performers where art meets expression, and creativity knows no bounds.

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Positive Table Tennis Academy

An excellent platform for students for developing and improving their technical skills, physical fitness, and mental agility.

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Basketball Academy

We let students learn the fundamentals of basketball and the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Visual Art Studio

A space to explore students’ creativity and offer an opportunity to be challenged by how to think critically about art.

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Skating Rink

A specialised Skating Rink for students and learn the fun-filled sport under the guidance of experienced coaches.

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Abacus/ Vedic Mathematics

Teaching students about Vedic Mathematics, an excellent way to learn vital skills that will help them succeed academically.

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Aerobics & Callisthenics

We aim to improve the physical and mental health of students as well as their overall well-being.

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A great way to improve students’ cognitive abilities, mental health and problem-solving skills.

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Partners In Progress

Our collaboration with educational affiliates enhances our students’ learning experience by providing a wider range of resources and opportunities to achieve academic goals and prepare for success.

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