Annual Functions

With the yearly celebration of the Annual Function, Hallmark Public School marked 19 years since it first opened its doors in 2005. The annual event has a unique name that the school chooses each year. It was EUNOIA this year. EUNOIA is a greek word – which means a feeling of goodwill and friendship. Annual Function is more than just a cultural occasion. It is a celebration of life. It eclipsed the students with a lot of personality changes. It targeted 100% participation of the students.

The whole event showcased 11 stagings. Each of the student performances had a deeper meaning that goes beyond simple entertainment, allowing kids to take something away from them like ‘Social Geeks’ – a dance drama showcasing the dungeon of Social Media, Goonj – the unheard voices. It brought all the stakeholders, the school management, the faculty, the alumni and all the students under the same roof to enjoy the event. The role of Honour was presented to students who received a merit in several domains as well as alumni who received merit positions in their CBSE results. Every single prop was crafted in school, as were the makeup artists. It was an enriching experience for everyone.

At Hallmark Public School, we believe in celebrating festivals to encourage a child’s social interactions and foster respect for cultural diversity. We commemorate a variety of events to instil awareness and respect for India’s rich past and diversity, including Holi, Easter, Independence Day, and many others. Our teachers encourage students to participate with excitement and enthusiasm, which boosts their confidence and self-worth. Our academic system is rooted in moral ethics and values.

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