Mark-10 Shooting Sports Academy
Your Journey to Shooting Excellence Starts Here

In 2016, Hallmark Public School, one of the top CBSE schools in Panchkula, established the Mark-10 Shooting Range to prepare top Indian shooters for national and international competitions. Mark-10 is Tri-City’s first shooting range licensed by the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) and aims to cultivate the next generation of shooting champions. This indoor 10m Air Rifle and Air Pistol shooting range boasts a sophisticated atmosphere, advanced technology, and equipment that meets international standards. Mr. Dinesh Kumar, the Chief Coach, meticulously plans and trains aspiring shooters aged 10 and above to become focused and attentive marksmen.

What Drives Us

Hallmark’s shooting academy, “Mark-10,” aims to identify, develop, and elevate emerging shooters using advanced technology and top-notch equipment. Mark-10 strives to create a robust and vibrant academic foundation in shooting through practical knowledge, as well as physical, mental, and psychological guidance.

A Doorway to the Olympic Games

The sport of shooting is a crucial discipline in the Olympics, encompassing ten rifle and pistol events. At Mark-10, we strive to offer exceptional support that meets the standards of both domestic and international competitions, paying close attention to the subtle details that help athletes progress from a dedicated individual to a successful achiever.



Admissions Open
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