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For Hallmarkites , winning isn’t something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that we train ourselves and every night that we dream.

At Hallmark Public School students are encouraged to challenge themselves and strive for excellence. Hallmarkites has demonstrated their abilities time and time again by bringing home laurels at every competition in which they participate.

The Learners Lead Board features the achievers and leading students of Hallmark Public School who have forged their path of brilliance in distinct fields and categories. It demonstrates the pictures of our students who got meritorious positions at the annual CBSE Board Results, winners at the District, State and the National-level in different categories of Sports like the Air Rifle Shooting event in Khedan Vatan Punjab Diyaan -2022 (Punjab State Games), Inter-School District Shooting Competition-2022, National Crossbow Shooting Championship 2022, Khelo India 2022 games and our student winners who got recognised as Word Associates in Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2022.

With these, the Learners Lead Board also demonstrates the talented all-rounder students who did excellent in extracurricular activities like Aaric Chawla who participated in the dance reality show ‘Dance India Dance’ and many others.

At Hallmark Public School, winning is not just about the moment on the field. It’s about the daily physical and mental training and the dreams that drive us. Our students are encouraged to strive for excellence and have repeatedly demonstrated their abilities by winning laurels in various competitions.

Our Learners Lead Board showcases the achievers and leading students who have excelled in different fields. It features pictures of students who have secured meritorious positions in the annual CBSE Board Results, won at various levels in sports like shooting and participated in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship. The board also highlights all-rounder students who have excelled in extracurricular activities like Aaric Chawla, who participated in the dance reality show ‘Dance India Dance.’


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