Mark 10 Manchester Taekwondo Cup

We are ecstatic to witness our talented students, Hitanshi Bansal, Aariv Somvanshi, and Jaivika, shine brightly in their respective sports. Their remarkable achievements not only bring honour to our school but also inspire all our students to believe in their dreams. Their determination, passion, and unwavering spirit have made us immensely proud.  

Mark 10 Shooting Champions

We are delighted to announce that the members of the Mark10 Shooting Sports Academy have achieved outstanding performance. We would like to congratulate them on this momentous achievement and share in their immense pride. Member Spotlight: Shooter Sep Mohit Sharma (Army Shooting Team):- -Individual Bronze Medalist in the 10m Air Rifle event -Team Silver Medalist...

36th Spring Fest 2024

Hallmark Public School proudly shines at the 36th Spring Fest 2024, clinching an impressive haul of 12 prizes Our exceptional students showcased their creativity and talent, securing 6 first prizes and 6 second prizes across various events . Among our stellar achievements, Hallmark clinched the coveted title of Best School Garden Award, affirming our dedication...

Leading the Way with Remarkable Firsts in Education

Hallmark Public School, the Best School in Panchkula, stands out as a beacon of quality education, innovation, and achievement. With a commitment to providing holistic development and nurturing young minds, Hallmark has consistently introduced several groundbreaking initiatives and achieved numerous remarkable firsts. In this blog, we will explore the exceptional achievements and pioneering endeavors that...

5 ways to keep balance between mind and body

In today’s fast-paced world, it becomes more important than ever to maintain a balance between our mind and body. In the pursuit of success and productivity, we often neglect our mental and physical well-being, leading to various health issues. However, by implementing a few simple strategies into our daily routine, we can ensure harmony between...

Inline Skating Competition

Breaking barriers and soaring to new heights 🥇🌟 Hallmark Public School congratulates Advik Mehdiratta from Class I for bagging the Gold Medal in the Inline Skating Competition organised by Rolling Tigers Skating Academy, Panchkula. We are proud of your remarkable achievement and wish you continued success in your skating journey. Keep up the incredible work!

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