ATL Hackathon - Innovation Story | Best CBSE school in Panchkula


by Hallmark, 20/11/2018

At Hallmark Public School we genuinely feel that there has to be a system where schools get transformed into co-working spaces, reduce the urban-rural drive, exchange resources, empower students to take ownership of learning and leadership, volunteer resource exchange of pedagogical strategies and promote healthy educational eco-system. In order to work towards the same, students from our school visited Government High School, BurjKotian and Government High School, Charnia twice. There were numerous causes we aimed to work upon. These ranged from reducing the urban-rural divide, exchange of resources, empowering students to take ownership of learning and leadership to name a few. Steps like these not only promote a healthy education ecosystem but also makes Hallmark Public School, one of the best schools in Panchkula.

Hallmarkites also welcomed students from AASHMAN foundation to the Atal Tinkering Lab(ATL) and taught them about various robotic projects like Gyro Boy, Smart Home, FLL Project and other sustainable development projects. Projects like these play a major role in building the augmented persona of students and also exposing the students to various situations which will help them in the times to come.

During our interaction with the students there, the students got to know about the poor financial condition and uncongenial family atmosphere. They also realized that not every child is fortunate enough to get quality education as not every parent has the financial resources to provide their children all the facilities in life. Not only the ideas were shared, but also resources so as to empower our peers by taking the ownership of learning and leadership. The exchange of our pedagogical strategies to facilitate our rural peers also took place. The Hallmarkites pledged to bring a change in the society, for the betterment of such kids.

We, being the Best CBSE school in Panchkula, took up this as an opportunity to contribute towards Community Service Responsibility and tried our best to reduce the Urban-Rural divide.

“The gap is not financial but that of opportunities in the rural area.”

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