Chandigarh State Shooting Championship - 2021 | Best school in Panchkula

Chandigarh State Shooting Championship – 2021

by Hallmark Public School, 29/09/2021

Hallmark’s star shooters are taking the unconventional road to strengthen their wit.

  • PRIYAL SOOD Won Bronze medal 🥉 in sub-youth, Youth and Junior Air-Pistol Women Category.
  • AVIRAJ BIRTHAL won Silver Medal 🥈 in Youth and Junior Air-Pistol men Category.
  • NAAZ Won the Bronze🥉 medal in Youth and senior Air-rifle women and Silver 🥈Medal in Junior Air-rifle Women Category.
  • SHAURYA RAGHAV Won the Gold Medal 🥇 in sub-youth Air-Rifle men, Silver🥈 in Youth Air-rifle and Bronze 🥉 medal in Junior and Senior Air-rifle men’s Category.
  • JASHAN KALRA Won the Bronze Medal🥉 in Youth Air-Rifle men Category.
  • MUNESH won a Gold medal 🏅 in the Senior Air-rifle women category.
  • Parteek participated with 340/400.
  • SANYAM NAIN participated with 342/400.

Congratulations to all the Medals winners and proud parents.

Mark-10 Shooting Sports Academy, Panchkula

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